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Chloë & Jason Roweth - Sing us another one!


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Live CD - 2CD - 2 DVD

"Sing Us Another One" is a four disk package which captures a complete 2.5 hour live concert performance at Humph Hall from 4th July 2010, a great singing audience, with some larger arrangements featuring Loosely Woven in the second half. The DVDs include introductions providing background to the songs, and capturing the atmosphere of the night, while the CDs feature songs only. The material is largely drawn from Chloe & Jason's previous studio recordings, however there are quite a few new ones as well.

I was chuffed to receive this CD to review as I have been a long-time fan of this talented duo from rural NSW.
It is probably the best value package I’ve seen as you get two CDs consisting of 39 tracks and two DVDs of a live performance.
And all for the price of some single CDs!
Chloe and Jason love to research old songs and bring them back to life.
There are several examples of this on the CD such as ‘Lovely Nancy’ collected from Sally Sloane by John Meredith and ‘Bonnie Moon’ and the comedic ‘I Don’t Work For A Living’ both collected from Carrie Milliner by Rob Willis.
There are several great versions of bushranger ballads such as ‘The Hat Ned Kelly Wore’, The Ballad of Ben Hall’s Gang’, ‘My Name it is Ben Hall’ and Banjo Paterson’s ‘How Gilbert Died’.
They are all sung with passion and pathos and are brought to life again.
There are several songs from Chloe and Jason’s ‘Riderless Horse’ ANZAC tribute show including the engaging ‘Army Song’ collected from Bill Case.
I defy anyone to listen to a couple of verses and not join in the chorus.
There are also other comedy war songs collected by Rob Willis which are given a new audience by Chloe and Jason.
‘Hic Jacet’ and ‘Just as the Sun Went Down’ give the other, real side of war in two memorable versions.
The CD includes lovely versions of ‘Gentle Annie’, ‘Moreton Bay’ and ‘Little Fish’.
Micheal Rourke’s ‘Poison Train’ and ‘Sing us a Song Boys’ are also great to listen to.
There are even a couple of Henry Lawson poems put to music “As Good As New’ and ‘Shearer’s Song’.
Just to top it off, Chloe and Jason are talented songwriters themselves and include the beautiful ‘Salvation Jane’, ‘Songs of the Bush’, ‘Six Kids’ and ‘Wood and Water’.
That’s only listening to the CD part of the package.
Next come the DVDs.
You get each song interspersed with yarns.
It is as if you were in the front row of a concert, or they were performing in your lounge room
This package is great value and showcases two of the most important young performers on the folk scene today.
They live for what they create and it shows in this quality package.
Their passion for what they do is obvious.
I can highly recommend it for value and a great listening and viewing experience.

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