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Enda Kenny - Here & There


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This is an album I have travelled toward, not a straight journey, but, like the title, one that’s taken me Here and There through different worlds, moods and times. As always, I sing stories in my songs and I’m attracted to the songs of others that tell me a story. This collection includes two of my strongest early influences, Stan Rogers and Chris De Burgh as well as contemporary songwriters Alex Legg from Melbourne and Rod MacDonald whom I met at Port Fairy a few years back. I’ve been priveleged along the way to be accompanied by some fine friends and musicians, notably LINDSAY MARTIN who has added his fiddling eloquence to my music for over a dozen years. The warm bass of SANDY BRADY has joined us since Cloud Lining.

"Fresh off the plane from the UK, I went to Clifton Hill to introduce myself to the Melbourne
music scene. In the audience that night, I met Enda Kenny. First impressions were formed in a brief
chat where, among other things, he informed me that he doesn't sing:Wild Rover'in the Irish theme bars that decorate our city's nightlife! No King's Shilling then, for Enda! Our paths crossed socially, numerous times after that. In conversation, he reveals himself to be a man fascinated by the human condition. A full year later, hearing my new friend perform at Jamberoo, I was blown away! Just Enda and Lindsay Martin and a bag of GREAT songs, lyrically eloquent in humanity and humour. Social/political songs that don't leave the listener feeling preached at. The artful troubador is evident in Enda Kenny's latest collection, HERE & THERE.
THE STREETS OF JOYCE. A percussive opening heralds a journey, seen through the eyes of a seasoned traveler, an Irishman whose passion is informed and tempered by the history of his nation's struggle for justice. WERE YOU THERE? Written upon seeing Bush re-elected on a 'God's on our side' ticket, having bulldozed the U.N. on Iraq. Enda loved this when I played it to him! The writer
is delighted, moved, flattered! WHO BUILT THE BOMB? Rob
Macdonald explores society's culpability in events such as the
Oklahoma bombing. COMIC BOOK, a charming take on how
our Creator might view our antics.
WHITE SQUALL, Stan Rogers' graphic ode to the power of
gentle celebration of cosmopolitan Irish brotherhood. TANYA, Ah, the lovely Tanya, long-suffering
barmaid/confidante at the
Lomond Hotel... listen guys, some
nights Tanya just wants to go
home! HARRIS AND THE MARE, Stan Rogers' tragic tale of a good night out - turned bad! GULLIBLE, calls us to read between the lines of the informa-
tion media. THE ONLY CLOWN I EVER KNEW - a majestic epitaph in memory of a friend. THE
COLONEL & THE CLOWN. Australia is uniquely her own cultural melting pot. Why allow Hollywood, KFC and Ronnie Macca, to dominate? SPANISH TRAIN. Enda's cover of Chris DeBurgh's spiritual warfare epic. THE BOY CAN'T WIN - a brilliant piece of Sports Psychology.
The musicianship here is straight out of the top drawer! Each song, articulately provocative. With a record as good as HERE & THERE, the boy can't lose. Recommended. Review by Alex Legg

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